Cycle Subsidy Yojana Gujarat For The Purpose Of Transportation From Work Places

Cycle Subsidy Yojana Gujarat For The Purpose Of Transportation From Work Places : Gujarat Chief MinisterMr. Vijay Rupaniclearly expressed his views that there has been a great donation of hard work and skill of labor in the development of the state-nation and GDP growth.

State Government is also concerned about the development of laborers and their families and so the Labor Welfare Board for the weal of registered workers as well Construction Workers Welfare Board for unorganized sector workers have been set up in the state. The coffers of the state government are devoted to the workers. It’s working with the end that increases productivity, growth, and product, as well as GDP, which is possible only if labor is satisfied.

The CM nearly launched a Mobile Application, 3 Mobile Medical Vans for health check-ups of workers with an entitlement of Rs 35 lakh under CSR as well-dedicated two recently erected bhavansof Gujarat Labour Welfare Board erected at a cost ofRs.4.95 crores in Ahmedabad and Vadodara from Gandhinagar.
workers are constantly working with the spirit of nation-building in the development of assiduity and trade of the state-nation. These workers don’t worry about their own chuck

Cycle Subsidy Yojana Gujarat For The Purpose Of Transportation From Work Places

and adulation but work with the responsibility of the nation-state’s profitable, artificial holistic development.
The the E-dedication program started with a two- nanosecond silence for the peace of the departed souls expressing condolences to the workers who lost their lives in the fire accident in Ahmedabad. All those who joined maintained a two – nanosecond silence and supplicated for the departed souls.CM also launched Shramik Akasmat Mutyu Sahay Joyana with a view to help Rs. 1 lakh to the families of the deceased in case of similar accidental deaths in diligence.

Rupani also launched the “ Cycle subvention Yojana ” for ease of transportation to the laborers from workplaces. Under this scheme, the state government will giveRs. 1500 for the purchase of the cycle. 1708 laborers will be served with the backing of Rs. 33 lakh 30 thousand.

State Government has taken the direction of making the workers of the state tone-reliant. The Chief Minister also encouraged the workers to go ahead with their hard workshop and realize the mantra given by our Prime MinisterMr. Narendra Modi.

Explaining that Gujarat has come a land of openings for the entire country, the Chief Minister said that workers and crafters from all over the country have come and settled in Gujarat for their livelihood.
He added that the state government has successfully crossed the largest post-independence migration by furnishing further than,000 trains and further than,000 motorcars to fulfill the desire of similar workers to return to their motherland during the time of the epidemic.

Cycle Subsidy Yojana Gujarat – These workers are also returning and engaging in their duties with an establishment determination to fight against Corona and to realize “ Harshe Corona – Jitse Gujarat ”. On this occasion, the Chief Minister virtuallyhonored about 100 children of sloggers who have successfully completed competitive examinations and got government jobs. Mr. Rupanicongratulated the Gujarat Labor Welfare Board for numerous weal conditioning schemes.

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Cycle Subsidy Yojana Gujarat For The Purpose Of Transportation From Work Places- Labor and Employment Minister Mr. Dilip Kumar Thakor delivered his occasional speech. Chairman of Gujarat Labor Welfare BoardMr. Sunil Sindhi delivered his welcome note.

fresh Chief Secretary, Labor, and EmploymentMr. Vipul Mitra, Regional Executive Director, Indian Oil CorporationMr. Lamba, Welfare Commissioner Shri Hitesh Rahul from Gandhinagar shared on this occasion. Welfare CommissionerMr. Hitesh Rahul thanked everyone.

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